DEVON HEADSTONES A Catalogue of Photographs

This catalogue is a record of the photographs of headstone memorials that I have taken in rural Devon churchyards over the last ten years or so.  Initially it was my aim to record the details of churchyard memorials relating to blacksmiths and similar tradesmen who worked in the county's rural parishes.  However, as with all such forms of research, one gets led along many interesting side tracks and I now make no apology for a collection of photographs that has grown to include the headstones of Devonshire men and women from almost every walk of life. Headstone for Adams Phillips at Thurlestone, Devon.

Outline details of the information to be gleaned from these memorials are published here in the hope that they will be of interest to family historians who have Devonians in their ancestry.  In the catalogue, details of all the persons mentioned on each headstone are given, and included is a brief outline of any other information that might be of interest.

Copies of the photographs, either as 7" x 5" prints sent through the postal system or online as email attachments, are available for a small fee.

            George Nicolle.       


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Fergus Wessel’s Stone Workshop in Oxfordshire has contributed towards the upkeep and development of the Devon Headstone Photos website. This link between the contemporary craftsmanship of a leading present-day headstone and memorial plaque maker with the old headstones of the Devon countryside is entirely appropriate. Examples of the work carried out at the workshop can be seen at: